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Hotel Clock Tower – Mekkah, Saudi Arabia.

Project : Development of King Abdul Aziz Endowment Project for The Holy Mosques – Hotel Clock Tower – Mekkah, Saudi Arabia.
Client : Ministry of Islamic Affairs - KSA
Contractor : Saudi Bin Ladin Group
Consultant : dar al-handasahYear of
Year of Completion : 2010
Project Brief : Mounted 500m from ground level a very specialist solution is required to provide up to 6m reach back into the facade from the suspension point. Situated towards the top of the clock tower of the new development at the Holy Mosque in Mekkah.

Overview of Solution : Clients brief and requirements included full facade access around service level towards the top of the building. The building is a hotel tower and stands over 580m from the ground level. At the Service level where access was to be provided there are many architectural arch features that are recessed within the building to the extent that the access solution required a reach back into the building up to 6 meters. In addition to this demanding requirement, the structural slab at the local level was suitable to support a system.

Sky Steel Systems have provided an unprecedented specialist access solution that incorporates an inverted track system with many specialist features including:

Inverted track system mounted from ceiling mounted frames from SSL above. This provides all round access to the perimeter of the Hotel Tower architectural features.

Main body is mounted from track supported traversing drive frame. This frame is electronically driven around the fixed track system providing full facade perimeter access. The main machine body incorporates full clockwise and counter-clockwise slewing to provide full access at the facade and to retract the machine within the building structure, thus hiding the machine within the garage are when not in use.

Knuckle slewing boom. The machine incorporates an intermediate knuckle boom that is electronically driven around a geared slewing bearing. This knuckle joint allows for the parking of the machine within the garage area when not in use, and provides the necessary movements to negotiate the cradle into position around the architectural features of the building.;

Spreader slewing. At the end of the knuckle book extension, the cradle is supported from a spreader which has the capacity to slew by electrical motor/gearbox actuation. This additional movement allows for precise positioning of the cradle to the building facade features.

Cranes specially designed for the maintenance requirements in building in the very crowded pilgrimage area in from of the Holy Mosque in Makkah.

Telescopic pantographic cradle. Sky Steel Systems provided an unprecedented design of an extendible/retractable pantographic scissor cradle support frame. The pantograph allows for an extension of 6 meters into the architectural features of the building. The pantograph is stabilised by a rear supported counterweight which is partially built up from a standby battery system for emergency recovery. The innovation in the design of the pantographic cradle allows the cradle to extend out 6 metres and when retracted collapse to less than 1.7m including the basket, allowing for the full system to be parked and hidden from view within the space restricted garage area.

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