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Makkah Towers - Saudi Arabia

Project : Makkah Towers, DOKAAE, Makkah Saudi Arabia

Client Requirements : Client requirements meant access equipment had to be within a very limited area inside the structure of the building rather than on top, additionally there was a requirement to have 2 ton lifting capacity for Facility Maintenance of the building due to the crowded nature of the location of the building in Makkah, close to the Holy Mosque.

Sky Steel Study - Solution :

  • Due to a corridor width of 1.3m at its maximum the traditional solution of providing a counterweight at the rear of the machine was replaced by vertically opposed tracks for the resolution of forces, thus main body slewing is undertaken by top and bottom slewing bearings within the drive frames.
  • Knuckle and spreader slewing to provide variable access profiles.
  • Deep recesses in the building facade required an extendable cradle, and this was provided by using a bespoke 3m reach scissor pantographic cradle system.
  • The system is under use 24 hours a day maintaining the buildings, there are 6 installations on separate buildings currently working, and 2 more under installation.
  • 2T lifting capacity is provided by separate machine that shares the same track system.
  • Cranes specially designed for the maintenance requirements in building in the very crowded pilgrimage area in from of the Holy Mosque in Makkah.
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