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Al Reem Island – Abu-Dhabi

Project : Al Reem Island – Abu-Dhabi
Client : Al Tamouh Investments LLC
Contractor : IJM Sunway Zelan LFE (ISZL Consortium)
Consultant : GDP Architects international / Alliance Design Group PTY Ltd.
BMU type : Pedestal mounted twin track roof trolley system.
Year of Completion : 2010

Project Brief : 5 buildings in the 220m range from floor level in Abu-Dhabi with multiple movements within BMU for comprehensive building facade access.

Overview of Solution :

  • The Client here required full building perimeter access. The building is parallel on its sides in its form. The height of the building is more than 200m from the podium level.
  • Sky Steel System provided a system for the full building facade access on five identical buildings by implementing
  • A twin track system around the building perimeter. Mounted on the roof of the building, the twin tracks mounted on RCC pedestals follows the building perimeter profile.
  • An electrically driven traversing drive frame. The drive frame supported off the tracks provides the base frame support for the machine to follow the track profiles around the building perimeter.
  • In order to provide access over the building parapet a spacer column is provided to clear the access for the boom over the architectural features of the building.
  • The boom is in two sections, with a knuckle joint in order to provide comprehensive movement sand positioning of the cradle to the building facade. The boom if counterweight for system balancing from within the main body
  • The primary boom mounted to the body is supported from a slewing bearing which is electrically actuated to provide rotational movements of the main boom thus facilitating movements for accurate positioning of the cradle to the building facade.
  • The knuckle boom provides further movements of the cradle to reach into inverse corners of the building. The knuckle boom is mounted from a geared slewing bearing and is electrically actuated.
  • The cradle is suspended of a spreader beam that is in turn supported from a geared slewing bearing provide rotational movements of the cradle around the central axis to provide comprehensive movements of the cradle up to the facade face.
  • The cradle is hoisted from a winch system housed within the main body. Movements of the cradle are controlled by the operators from within the cradle, and also from the main body in failure mode.
  • Track system on each of the 5 tower roofs providing all round access to the building facade and architectural features.
  • Rope fall of cradle 200m down to the ground level.
  • Main body of machine supported of column for access around building parapet feature, complete with counterweight system.
  • Main body / boom slewing, knuckle slewing, and spreader slewing all features of this machine to provide variable access profiles into the building facade.
  • Maximum overhang reach at 14.35m from track centres to provide access around full perimeter of building profile.
  • Electro-mechanical operations through out, controlled from push button panel within the operator cradle.
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Techsheet Project Brief
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