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5 Towers in Business Bay Executive Towers, Dubai, UAE.

Project : 5 Towers in Business Bay Executive Towers, Dubai, UAE.
Client : Dubai Properties
Contractor : Al Habtoor Engineering Enterprises Co. LLC
Consultant : Design & ARchitecture Bureau (DAR)
BMU Type : Pedestal mounted twin track systems. Telescopic system with jib slewing. Year of
Completion : 2010
Project Brief : 5 Towers with range of heights from 120m to 200m with architectural details requiring specialist access solution.
Overview of Solution : 5 Towers demanded full facade access around the full building perimeter from equipment mounted from the roof level. In addition the building facade has architectural features that required a cradle to be extended into the building facade for access.

Sky Steel Systems provided a solution comprising of :

  1. Fixed base frame with no linear Pedestal mounted twin track system following the roof profile with some exceptions requiring additional machine reach.
  2. Support frame traverses along the twin track system electromechanically.
    Specialist composite telescopic and part slewing boom. In order to access areas otherwise inaccessible on the corners of the building a boom is provided with a single stage telescopic facility that is hydraulically actuated. In addition from the last stage of the telescopic boom a fixed jib is fitted that is supported from a geared slewing bearing to provide rotation of the spreader bar, this provides comprehensive movements of the cradle to align the cradle with features of the building facade. The whole boom is counterweight on the reverse side of the boom support and traversing frame.
  3. At the end of the slewing jib a spreader bar for the suspension of the cradle provides additional alignment of the cradle to the building facade by means of a electromechanically actuated geared slewing bearing.
  4. The cradle is manually telescopic that allows the operators to extend the cradle into the building features, the cradle is automatically counter balanced through its movements so that stable and level working conditions are maintained.
  5. All operations are controlled from within the cradle by the operators. Control can also be done from the main body in emergency situations.
  6. Standard track system machine mounted on the roof of the building.
  7. Main boom slewing, telescopic (circular section) main boom, slewing knuckle, slewing spreader.
  8. Telescopic cradle with balancing system with extension up to 3m to gain access to the building
    architectural recesses.
  9. Maximum reach of boom up to 15m, and cradle fall to ground at 185m.
  10. Electro-Mechanical actuation of movements controlled from within operator cradle.
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